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    La Fiesta – Quick & Easy

    We will freshly prepare you order, pack it into convenient disposable containers for pick up or delivery*. You serve it the way you like it. Priced as listed**

    Fiesta Lito – Ultimate Service

    We will prepare your order, deliver it, set it up with our warmers and bowls. serve your guests buffet style and clean up when we are done. Please add $2.25 per person to the menu prices listed throughout this menu.


    Minimum of 10 People

    Southwest Chicken Salad

    Mixed greens topped with black beans, sweet corn, pico de gallo, mild green chiles, cheese and our original recipre Tequila Lime Chicken. $6.95/person

    Chicken Fajita Salad

    Romaine lettuce tossed with cheese, eggs, croûtons and tomatoes. $4.50/person

    Lito’s Caesar Salad

    Lito’s famous salad served with his award winning Honey Mustard dressing. Romaine lettuce, crispy wontons, rice noodles grilled marinated chicken, tomatoes and almonds. $7.50/person

    Lito’s Party Packages

    all packages come with rice, beans, chips, and salsa. Don’t see what you want? talk to the catering manager to customize any package. (additional charges may apply)

    Lito’s Ultimate Fiesta

    Your choice of three appetizers from this menu plus cheese Enchiladas, Chile Rellenos, rice, beans and our famous Taco/Tostada bar. $19.95/person
    Perfect for a business lunch or a wedding reception.

    Taco & Tostado Bar

    Corn taco shells, mini flour tostada shells, chees, shredded beef, chicken, lettuce, tomato, guacamole & sour cream. $9.95/person

    Lito’s Combo

    Cheese enchiladas, chile rellenos, rice & beans. $10.25/person

    The Whole Enchilada

    Includes both the Taco & Tostada Bar and Lito’s Combo packages. $12.50/person

    Especiales de La Casa

    Choose two items from the following list. Includes rice, beans and tortillas. $12.95/person

    • Chile Colorado
    • Chile Verde
    • Steak Picado
    • Chicken Picado
    • Ropa Vieja
    • Carnitas Picado
    • Pollo en Mole
    • Arroz con Pollo

    Fajita Fiesta

    Includes rice, beans, guacamole, tortillas and pico de gallo. Choose one from the list below $14.95/person

    • Steak
    • chicken
    • Carnitas
    • Vegetable
    • Mixed (any two of the above)
    • Camarones (add $4.00/person)

    Appetizers/Finger Food

    Taquitos Rancheros

    2 dozen pieces $29.95

    Mini Chimichangas

    1 dozen $17.95

    Cheese Quesadilla

    2 dozen pieces $32.95 (individually wrapped pieces in foil)

    All three served with guacamole

    Spicy Buffalo Wings

    Served With our homemade Blue Cheese Dressing. $10.95/Dz


    Lito’s Mini Appetizer Buffet

    Pick any three appetizer choices for $7.95/person
    add $1.00/person for each additional appetizer choice.

    Fruit & Vegetables

    Fresh Veggie Tray

    Served with our homemade Cilantro Ranch Dip Small $25 Medium $30 Large $45

    Fresh Fruit Tray

    Served with our honey and yogurt dip Small $45 Medium $55 Large $65

    *Minimum Delivery Charge of $50.00 Additional charges may apply. **Prices are subject to change without notice. Tax will be applied to all taxable food and beverage.


    Desserts Drinks


    Freshly fried flour tortillas sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Served with honey for the ultimate sweet tooth $1.00/person

    Apple Cinnamon Mini Chimis

    Delicious apple cinnamon filling wrapped in a flour tortilla, gently fried to a golden brown and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. $1.50 each

    Tray of our Homemade regular flan $50.00

    Serves 25-30 people add $10.00 for chocolate or Strawberry.



    Canned Sodas or Bottle water

    Coke, Diet Coke, or Sprite $1.00 each

    Cuttlery Packs

    (includes salt, pepper, fork, knife, spoon and napkin) $0.75/each
    Paper plates $0.25/each
    Heavy Duty Napkins $0.10 each

    Disposable Chafing Dish Set

    Rack and two sternos. $15.00


    Sides and Extras

    Salsas and Dips

    • Salsa Roja $10.95/quart
    • Salsa Verde $10.95/quart
    • Pico De Gallo $10.95/quart
    • Guacamole $22.75/quart
    • Chile Con Queso Dip $18.95/quart


    • Tortillas $2.75/dz
    • Large Bag of Chips (serves 10) $3.95
    • Tray of 10 cheese enchiladas $26.00
    • Tray of 10 beef or chicken enchiladas $31.00
    • 1 Dozen Chile Rellenos (topped with sauce and cheese) $36.00
    • tray of 10 Beef Tamales Served in husk or topped with sauce and cheese. $30.00
    • tray of 10 Beef or chicken Tacos $26.00
    • 1 qt Black Beans (serves 7-10 people) $10.00
    • 1 qt Refried Beans (serves 7-10 people) $10.00
    • 1 qt Spanish Rice (serves 7-10 people) $10.00